How to Style Short Hair - 13 Easy Ways

You may have just recently cut your hair and now you don’t have any inspiration to cut your hair. Fear not, because this article will show you ways to easily style your short hair.

Style #1. Slick It Back

Using a wax-based product or a gel with a stronghold, take a generous amount and place it through your hair to create an edgy slicked back hairstyle.

If you have thicker hair, it is best to place the product in sections to effectively slick your hair back without issues.

Style #2. Cut Some Bangs

Bangs are a great way to add layers to your face. Although it is not recommended to cut them yourself, there are many different types of bangs now.

For instance, a bowl cut with bangs will give you a strong look.

How to Style Short Hair

Style #3. Use Hair Clips

Using hair clips is an easy way to add fun colours and variety to your hair. Decide on the way you wish to part your hair, for instance down the middle of your hair or a side part, and then place hair clips in the front of your hair to secure the style.

How to Style Short Hair

Style #4: Get a Layered Pixie Bob.

This is no ordinary pixie cut, getting a pixie bob will give you a youthful look to your face while still giving you a timeless essence. However, it is best to get the cut done with a professional.

How to Style Short Hair

Style #5: Cut Your Hair Even Shorter.

A buzz cut will give you a very cool effortless look.

You can either do it yourself or go to a professional barber to get achieve the style.

How to Style Short Hair

Style #6: Blow Your Hair Out

Blowouts are guaranteed to make you look effortless. To achieve a great blowout you will need a blow dryer, a round brush, some hair clips, a heat protectant and a moisturizer.

Start with freshly washed hair that you should leave to air dry until 70% of your hair is dry, then apply your protectant and moisturizer to your hair. Use a brush to spread the product through your hair.

Next, section off your hair into smaller pieces before taking the blow dryer through these pieces one by one. Repeat this until all your hair is dry.

How to Style Short Hair

Style #7: A Tapered Cut

If you want to be even more daring with your hair, try a tapered cut. This hair is also very low maintenance should you be looking to make less effort with your hair but still want to be very stylish.

How to Style Short Hair

Style #8: Try a Bob.

Styling your short hair in a short bob gives you a classic look that always presents as a timeless hairstyle. It can be styled to look very corporate and business-like or to give off a street style look.

How to Style Short Hair

Style #9: Straighten It.

Once you have washed your hair with shampoo and conditioner, blowdry your entire head completely. Once your hair is dry, add some heat protectant before taking a straightener and going through your hair in small sections.

Pass your straightener at most twice through each section of your hair until the entire head is finished to create a sleek straight look.

How to Style Short Hair

Style #10: Curl Your Hair

On the other hand, you can create a fun curly look by following the same steps as before. However, instead of using a straightener, use a wand curler on the sections of your hair.

By using a wand curler you can create wild-looking curls that will look effortless.

How to Style Short Hair

Style #11: Give Yourself Some Waves.

For an effortless but chic look on short hair, give yourself some waves. Using a curl cream product, apply the product onto damp hair and run it through with your fingers.

For this style try to leave your hair to air dry as it will give the desired effect of wavy, yet effortless hair.

How to Style Short Hair

Style #12: Get the Wet Look

The wet look is a fun yet sexy hairstyle to try out especially with short hair.

First, begin with damp hair because if you start to apply your products on dripping wet hair the style will not last for long. Then part your hair into your desired style, whether this is a middle part or side part.

Next, use a product that should help you maintain the look such as a curl cream, apply it in your hair starting from the roots till the end of your hair. Apply a generous amount as the more product you use the wetter your hair will look.

Then use some hair clips that will keep the roots of your hair flat so that you can maintain the flatness that comes with wet hair. Once this is done, use a volume and matte hairspray to add volume and texture to the rest of your hair.

Be sure to apply it evenly throughout your hair by lifting it in sections and spraying your hair from the roots to the ends. After this use a regular hairspray applying it in the same areas as before for some extra hold that won’t compromise the wet look.

Finally, leave the clips in your hair for 10-15 more minutes before removing them from your hair. Vóila, you should have a chic wet look!

How to Style Short Hair

Style #13: Half Up, Half Down

As you are most likely unable to style your hair by putting it in a bun, the perfect alternative is to take the top half of your hair and tie it up, either loose with a small pony or in a bun.

Begin on freshly washed and blown-out hair. Then use a cream to add moisture to your hair before separating the top half and the bottom half of the hair.

Gather the top half and tie it with a ribbon to achieve the look.

How to Style Short Hair

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