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Being able to find all professional quality hair styling products for your everyday hair styling needs in one place can be a difficult task. However, at Swagger Global we have all that you need in one place making it easy for you to purchase your hair products.

At Swagger Global, we aim to help you define your confidence by providing innovative yet cost-effective and simple products which are designed for men’s hair.

We provide you with the necessary hair products needed in your everyday life that are of a professional standard.

About Swagger Global

Swagger Global

Having Swagger means that you walk or conduct yourself with an insolent or arrogant air and stride. Having swagger means that you represent the style and freedom of a confident person.

At Swagger Global, we aim to help you define your confidence by providing innovative yet cost-effective and simple products which are designed for men’s hair. We provide you with the necessary hair products needed in your everyday life that are of a professional standard.

As the in-house brand of Art &Design International, Swagger was created in 2011 to meet the demands of the modern-day man & woman and their evolving hairstyling needs.

We have dedicated ourselves to providing products that will enhance the confidence within men and women by offering a lifestyle with “Swag” that is given to you through our products.

Our products are always being improved as we enlist the opinions of professional barbers in our product development process. As we have our own barbershop and flagship store, we can interact with our customers who give us feedback on what we can improve.

This guarantees you quality professional products that are known to work!
Our products are made of natural ingredients that are carefully selected from Korea. We have a strict policy to not use chemical preservatives such as parabens and T.E.A (triethanolamine) which are known to cause allergic reactions and hair loss.

The organic ingredients we use are certified by USDA Organic and Social Organic Association. Moreover, we do not condone animal testing and our products are animal friendly.

Swagger Global

Our Hair Styling Line

At Swagger we provide you with the best possible hair products for the everyday modern man. Our products include:

1. Three Hair Waxes
2. One Pomade
3. One Hairspray
4. Three Curl Creams
5. One Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo

Swagger Global

1. Swagger Hair Stunner Wax (Matt and Hard)

Selected as the product of the year by GQ Korea, and Amazon’s choice, this matt and hard hair wax is suitable for those who have short hair. This is a powerful hair-setting fragrance wax with masculine and woodsy notes with a pepper scent that will keep your desired style in perfect shape no matter the weather.

This strong wax features a smooth matte finish with no residue and is easy to wash off at the end of the day.

The key ingredients include Organic Oatmeal Oil and Organic Avocado Oil, with natural beeswax and natural candelilla wax. These are all USDA Certified Organic ingredients.
This hair wax does not contain any parabens and T.E.A.

2. Swagger Hair Stunner Wax (Creamy and Soft)

This hair wax is scented with jasmine combined with a rose base with Musk and cedar notes. It is perfect for those with long hairs as it provides you with a smooth hold that will keep your hairs in place.

This soft wax is easy to wash and will leave no residue. This is perfect for medium to long hair with wavy and curly hair types.

Our product has the perfect balance between creamy softness and powerful setting strength to provide versatility to the user. The key ingredients include shikakai extract, black bean extract, and green tea extract.
This hair wax does not contain any parabens and T.E.A.

Swagger Global

3. Swagger Hair Perfect Wax (Hard and Matt Finish)

This hair wax is perfect for people with strong and hard hair types due to its powerful setting ability. It gives off a bergamot scent and is not sticky as it is a matt and creamy product.

With this product, you will be able to achieve a stylish matte look that is on-trend. It is recommended for people with very short, short, and medium length hair.
The key ingredients include Peat Water, Carnauba Wax and Candelilla Wax.

Swagger Global

4. Swagger Hair Slammer Pomade

Our pomade was included in the 2014 Allure Korea Editor’s Pick for Male Hair Wax Award. This water-based pomade has a smoky woodsy scent infused with tobacco and it provides a high shine, defined style with a firm hold which gives smooth flexibility for restyling.

The key ingredients in the pomade are Organic Glycerin, Organic Aloe leaf extract, Peony Root Extract and licorice Extract.
This pomade does not contain any parabens and T.E.A.

5. Swagger Hair Setter Spray

This setting hairspray is formulated for all hair types and textures. It will give you a strong hold while being non-sticky and it is not an aerosol-based setting hairspray.

Swagger Global

Our hairspray has no scent and is a mist type. It is perfect for adding volume, boosting and lifting the roots and will also add texture to your hair.

It will add the perfect swag to your hair and keep it in place all day long. It also does not leave your hair stiff or leave any white flakes.

Its key ingredients are Blueberry Extracts, Pro-Vit and B5.

This hairspray does not contain any parabens and T.E.A. It also does not contain CMIT and MIT ingredients.

Swagger Global

6. Swagger Hair Twister Protein Curl Cream.

Our curl cream is a keratin and collagen cream for all hair types! The Swagger Hair Twister Protein Curl Cream can sculpt curly, coarse, or treated hair and fights against humidity to prevent fizz by using a nutritious protein cream that offers both hold and moisture.

The nourishing formula also contains hydrolyzed keratin which boosts volume and protects your hair from heat. Therefore, it can be used as a blow-dry aid or as itself for sculpting.

All you need to do is apply it to damp hair, then proceed to blow-dry to maximize volume. This will give you a soft wax effect with continuous moisturizing and conditioning effects as it contains EWG Green Grade Bergamot Oil.

Swagger Global

7. Swagger Hair Hydrator Sea Water Curl Cream

As this is one of our newer products as of 2020, this is best used to achieve a natural-looking wet hairstyle. It contains Argan and Bamboo H20, as well as seawater to provide hydration and a soft hold while helping to strengthen and moisturize your hair.

As this curl cream has an oil-based texture, it makes the application easy for both short and long hair lengths. Our cream is free of artificial fragrance, however, the use of EWG leveled Vetiver essential oil fragrance provides you with a calming effect with a neutral scent.

Swagger Global

8. Swagger Hair Volumizer Biotin Curl Cream

Our Volumizer Biotin Curl Cream contains biotin to help strengthen your hair as well as provide care to damaged hair. With properties such as hair root volumizing, damage care, medium hold, biotin, rosemary, and coconut essence, this is best suited for short to medium long hair styling as well as for straight hair.

As it has a cream texture with minimized shine, our curl cream will add volume and texture to your hair when applied from the root to the ends. It is also free from artificial fragrance, however, EWG green leveled lavender essential oil is added to provide a stress-reducing effect with a neutral scent.

Swagger Global

9. Swagger Hair Defender (Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo)

Another one of our 2020 recently launched products, our Hair Defender Shampoo aids in reducing hair loss by promoting hair strength and thickness with increased volume to provide overall care for the scalp.

This is a clinically tested and proven to be a functional product by the Korean Dermatology Research Institute.

We have patented ingredients such as HP-DCC Complex (natural extracts from persimmon, Camellia Japonica Leaf, Ceratonia Siliqua (Carob) Fruit +Anti-Sebum P: Oenothera Biennis (Evening Primrose), Pueraria lobata root, pine leaf, Ulmus Davidiana Root Extract complex.

Other ingredients also include Vita comple-10, biotin, bio-silk formula, and ginger extract which help to strengthen hair and reduce sebum in the scalp and cuticle. These also provide benefits to damaged hair.

This shampoo does not contain any parabens and T.E.A.

Swagger Global

Swaggwe Global, A Place For All Your Hair Care Needs

As you can see, at Swagger Global we will provide you with the best quality hair products for your hair care! Check out our website to place an order, there is free worldwide shipping on all orders over $90!